Brain Paint Neurofeedback

Brain Paint Neurofeedback


What is BrainPaint Neurofeedback Therapy

BrainPaint NeuroFeedback Therapy: Promising Alternative to Out-Patient Treatment

BrainPaint is a neurofeedback software program designed with alternative therapeutic methods in mind. When used properly, by certified professionals, it works to aid and serve brain function. This alternative therapy program works by coaching the brain to distinguish the differences between two states of mind; focused and a dream-like state. BrainPaint professionals use non-invasive methods, such as questionnaires and assessments, to safely and harmlessly pinpoint the areas of the brain that are not sparked or stirred by the questions and to boost performance.

Neurofeedback:BrainPaint Neurofeedback Therapy


What is EEG Neurofeedback?

Basically, Neurofeedback requires the BrainPaint specialist to place EEG, or electroencephalogram, sensors over and around the patient’s scalp. These sensors work safely to detect distinct and various frequencies or patterns over each session. During these sessions, the patient is carefully supervised while different audio and visual clips are played for them. The purpose of these clips is to discover, by the certified professional, which areas of the patient’s brain light up and which areas are inactive to the stimulation. Afterwards, the patient is taught to activate the desired areas which have previously been inactive.

This promising and effective alternative to medication is safe and harmless. It combines the art of therapy with the science of neurofeedback to work against our emotions hijacking out responses. We believe that many patients suffer from confusing anxiety as a response to a fight or flight symptom. An event occurs, and the patient responds with an immediate emotion. These emotions can be or lead to, depression, anxiety, insomnia, etc. Although medication helps in some cases, there are negative side effects, and possible long-term dependencies to these medications. With BrainPaint, the patient can avoid possible side effects which follow long term medication.


Who qualifies for BrainPaint?

Out-patient programs are important for people who still need to keep up a job, career, family, and social life. Family Time Centers provides non-invasive, safe, and convenient out-patient sessions which take place twice a week, for six months. This alternative works to change the traditional therapeutic sessions of once a week for up to two years. Although extensive treatments can be determined on a need basis, Family Time Center promotes alternative treatments which encourage the patient’s brain to train itself.

Essentially, BrainPaint, could be used by both adults and children. The Neurotherapy we use is designed with the desire to create lasting results and meaningful changes with patients who suffer from emotional issues. However, Family Time Centers also encourages BrainPaint sessions with Neuropsychological Dysfunctions such as: ADD/ADHD, autism, and stuttering. We also use the EEG sensors to harmlessly aid patients who suffer from: anxiety, addiction, depression, and PTSD. These programs, and many more, allow us to serve the Southern California, and others who wish to visit us, with alternative and advanced methods of therapeutic relief.

Everyday functions of BrainPaint Neurofeedback

Today, there are more reasons to use BrainPaint technologies. Training your brain to become more emotionally aware of the world around you is something all people can learn. Patients can use this alternative form of treatment for optimization in performance and in work and to fight fear. BrainPaint works to calm the mind in situations of high stress; exams, tournaments, and deadlines. By using Neurofeedback to train your brain to respond to stresses like, fatigue, sleep disturbance, headaches, and nervousness was not possible until the last two decades. Nevertheless, it has worked to help athletes calm and train, promote mindfulness, focus productivity and creativity, even enhance musicality. Family Time Center promotes a healthy and happy lifestyle. Out-patients and in-patients all deserve treatment designed and specialized to their specific needs. Whether it be a neuropsychological dysfunction, or an emotional stress responses, all our patients get the full focus of our certified specialists. We encourage safe, harmless treatment which is not afraid to try alternative methods of therapy.

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