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It’s late in the evening, you are exhausted from working a long day at the office, and all you want is your child to run into your arms happy that you are home. But its been ten years, and your child is now a teenager, and they are yelling at you about something you can’t fully understand.

This scenario is depressing, and yet it takes place more often than we like to admit. Teenagers are not the enemy, they don’t want to hate; regardless of the reasons, they are in a state of heightened emotions. It can be really difficult as an adult to remember, let alone understand the strains on a teenager.

Have you ever imagined that your unhappy or irritable teenager can actually be experiencing a kind of teen depression or anxiety? The term “teen depression” may seem quite strange to you because as adults we often think we carry all the weight of the world on us and our children should have no worries.

As your kids start growing older, their problems start becoming more complex that they do not like to share with you, but as a parent, it is your responsibility to support them at every step of their life so that these problems don’t become the reason for the teen depression.

Since 1960 the rate of teen suicide has tripled! Today, teenagers are greatly exposed to the world through social media and the internet, making them susceptible to more bullying, predators. Although there are many parental controls to monitor your child's use of devices and platforms, censoring them will not help them. We suggest talking through these platforms as well as any topic that your child might bring up in a fit of rage or temperament.

If you find that your teen’s sadness lasts for more than around two weeks and he or she has some other symptoms of depression as well, you need to take him or her to the teen treatment center. If you are based in Los Angeles, make sure to find the best therapist for teenage therapy in Los Angeles.

Here are some of the reasons why do teenagers get depression:

i)                    Teenagers may develop feelings of insignificance and failure if they get fewer grades in their exams.      

ii)                   Some teenagers may get worthlessness feelings because of the social status with peers.

iii)                 Due to quarrels between mother and father or other family members.

iv)                 Sexual orientation can also be one of the reasons for the teen depression.

Symptoms that a teenager may experience during the teen depression: 

i)                    Changes in weight and appetite.

ii)                   Changes in sleep like insomnia or oversleeping.

iii)                 Feeling irritable most of the times.

iv)                 Urge to withdraw from people or several activities.  

v)                  Fatigue.

vi)                 Feelings of rejection or disrespect.

vii)               Stomach aches.

viii)              Feeling of worthlessness or guilt all the time.

ix)                 Severe headaches.

How can teen depression be diagnosed?

There is no such medical test or tool that can be able to find out whether a teenager has teen depression or not. But according to the medical professionals, the teen depression is diagnosed with the help of psychological tests and interviews. The level of teen depression can be determined on the basis of interview assessment. The type of treatment that should be given to the teenagers also depends on the data gathered from the interviews. While interviewing the teen, the health professionals also ensure whether the teen has a risk of suicide or not. Keeping in mind all the factors, the treatment is suggested for every teenager having teen depression.

Different types of teen depression treatment in Los Angeles:

A huge number of teenagers in the United States suffer from teen depression, but there is nothing to worry at all because a number of depression treatments are available to help them out. Mentioned below are some of the recommended depression treatments that can help your teenagers to come out of the depression stage and live their lives happily thereafter:

i)                    Psychotherapy:

When it comes to the best treatment for getting rid of the teen depression, psychotherapy is considered as one of the most effective treatments for treating the teenagers. It is a kind of talk therapy conducted by psychotherapists who help adolescents to gain clarity to what they are feeling and what is the reason that worsens their feelings. A psychotherapist makes all possible efforts to convert the negative thoughts into the positive thoughts by analyzing what’s going on their mind.

ii)                   Medication:

There is no such medication for treating the teenagers having teen depression. Medication can only give them relief for a few minutes, whereas depression therapy can change their entire life.

If you or a loved one is going through the process of depression please seek help. FamilyTime Centers has a team of well-experienced and qualified therapists that are known for offering the most effective depression treatment in Los Angeles.


Do you ever get clammy palms, sweaty for no reason, or increased heartbeats? Nervousness or self-consciousness are common issues that anyone may come across while giving an interview or during the speech and this nervousness leads to anxiety.

Social anxiety has been talked about more openly in recent years, and thank goodness for that! Anxiety disorder is not something everybody is willing to admit they have, however, social anxiety is something most people can admit to have had. It is a situational illness, and one which can be treated easily, in comparison to a more detrimental mental illness.

A person suffering from the social anxiety disorder lives his or her life with a fear of embarrassing themselves. When a person has a social anxiety disorder, he or she may have an intense fear of some specific situations like meeting new people, eating in front of others, dating people, etc. In Los Angeles, we tend to be surrounded by the beautiful and the damned, in other words celebrities, actors, musicians, and artists. Social media is a huge aspect in the daily life of a Los Angeles native or visitor ad it also creates a fear of missing out (FOMO).

The fear of missing out is used daily in social media posts and advertising. It has become a huge driving force for many people and motivates a lot of us to even get out of the house. But, in between seeing all your friends pictures of the holidays, or their travels, you end up sitting around alone and feeling as if you have not accomplished anything in comparison. SO, how are we supposed to help or cure this feeling of FOMO if our culture revolves around it? How can a person living in a social city, like Los Angeles, identify their social anxiety and eventually get treatment?

What can cause social anxiety?

A person with the social anxiety order feels like he or she is the only one with this problem, but social anxiety is the quite common issue all across the world. Though the situations that activate the symptoms of social anxiety disorder can be different, mentioned below are some of the common situations that trigger the social anxiety disorder.

i)                    Meeting new people.

ii)                   Speaking publicly.

iii)                 Going on a date.

iv)                 Stage performance.

v)                  Taking exams.

vi)                 Becoming the center of attraction.

vii)               Going to public restrooms.

viii)              Making phone calls.

ix)                 Drinking or eating in front of others.

x)                  Attending events or social gatherings.

Physical symptoms of the social anxiety disorder:

        Upset stomach and nausea.

        Feeling dizzy or faint.

        Blushing or red face.

        Shaking or trembling of voice.

        Shortness of breath.

        Tightness in chest or racing heart.

Behavioral symptoms of the social anxiety disorder:

        Escaping or hiding yourself in the background as to stay away from embarrassment.

        Drinking before involving yourself in the social situations so as to soothe your nerves.

        Ignoring social situations to an extent that it can just upset your life and daily routines.

        You have an intense fear of the social situations that you have to take along your buddy to wherever you go.

If you feel that the social anxiety is impacting your life in a negative way, you can definitely benefit from social anxiety therapy at a treatment center. Mental illness are multifaceted, and as such, the treatment for them should also be diverse. Someone suffering from anxiety can be even harder when you live somewhere that has a huge influence from social media.

If you prefer medication over the therapy, remember that the medication is not at all a cure for the social anxiety; rather it can just relieve the symptoms for a while. There are three types of medications for the person with a social anxiety disorder:

i)                    Benzodiazepines:

These medications are the fast-acting anti-anxiety medications but because these medications are addictive and sedating, therefore, these are only recommended when other medications stop working.

ii)                   Beta blockers:

These medications are just made for relieving performance anxiety. Rather than affecting the emotional symptoms, these medications have the ability of only controlling physical symptoms such as shaking hands or rapid heartbeat.

iii)                 Antidepressants:

It is advisable to take these medications only when the social anxiety disorder is devastating and unbearable.

With the help of psychotherapy, you can be able to recognize your negative thoughts and changing them into the positive thoughts so as to live a happy and peaceful life. You need to search for the best anxiety treatment center where you can be provided the best cognitive behavioral therapy. The cognitive behavioral therapy makes it possible for you to develop the coping skills which allow you to deal with the social anxiety situations with a great confidence.

If your life is disturbed because of the social anxiety disorder, get rid of this disorder right away with the help of anxiety therapy provided by a team of experienced professionals at FamilyTime Centers. If you are finding out the best solution for social anxiety in Los Angeles, then Family Time Center is unquestionably the best solution to this problem.



When you are fighting depression or any traumatic disorder, psychotherapy can be an important treatment that helps you cope with symptoms and feelings that lead to depression or illness. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, it has been discovered that more than a quarter of American adults are experiencing anxiety, depression, or any other kind of mental disorder almost every year.

To overcome all these mental health issues, make sure to get in touch with the psychotherapist who can make your life peaceful and healthier. From interpersonal to cognitive behavioral, and some other kinds of talk therapy, there are different approaches to psychotherapy. Before settling for the psychotherapist in Los Angeles, make sure to know when you need psychotherapist and how he or she can help you out.

When do you need to get in touch with the psychotherapist?        

i)                    You have suffered a trauma and you keep thinking about it all the time:

Sometimes living in Los Angeles can make us feel lost or in need. If you have suffered any trauma because of the loss of a loved one, accident incident, breakup, job loss, or any other reason, you may keep thinking about it all throughout your life. In such case, psychotherapy can turn out to be the amazing way to come out of the trauma.

ii)                   You feel disconnected from favorite activities:

If you stopped feeling joyful in all of your favorite activities like catching up with friends, family gatherings, clubbing, etc., it is a sign that you are feeling depressed. Visiting a psychotherapist in Los Angeles could help you recover stress and start a good life.

iii)                 You are addicted to drugs or alcohol to cope:

If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol in greater quantities to numb your feelings, it can be a sign that you are struggling with stress and depression. Consulting a right psychotherapist can help you with addiction problems.

What are the different types of psychotherapy you can consider?

Depending on the type and extent of mental health disorder, psychotherapists offer different approaches. Many of us freak out when we lose our car keys, let alone have the patience to sit down and do extensive research on a proper psychotherapist. Los Angeles is a huge place, how do you know what kind if psychotherapy you even want without stressing out about it?

i)                    Behavioral therapy:

This therapy focuses on improving your actions.    

ii)                   Cognitive therapy:

This therapy mainly concentrates on changing your negative thoughts into the positive thoughts.

iii)                 Interpersonal therapy:

This therapy is beneficial for those individuals who have a fear of meeting new people. Therefore, this therapy focuses on enhancing the social as well as personal relationships.

How to find the best psychotherapist in Los Angeles?

If you are looking out for the best therapist in Los Angeles, make sure to consult the best therapist who is known for offering the assured and best treatment of psychotherapy in Los Angeles.    

Here are some of the ways to search the best psychotherapist in Los Angeles:

i)                    Get a recommendation from family or friends:

Asking friends or family who have ever got in touch with the therapist in Los Angeles can help you in consulting the best psychotherapist. So, make sure to get a recommendation from friends or family before making a decision to hire the therapist.

ii)                   Read reviews and feedbacks:

Search for the shortlisted therapists on the internet and ensure to read the reviews and feedbacks posted by people who have already benefited the services of those psychotherapists. Doing so would help you in choosing the right therapist in Los Angeles.

iii)                 Ensure to ask for experience and certification:

Before you reach a decision of hiring the psychotherapists, you should not forget to ask if they are experienced and certified therapists. Consider experience and certification as the major factors for finding the best therapist.

If you or a loved one are in search of the best health center for psychotherapy in Los Angeles, then FamilyTime Center is going to help you. The team of experienced therapists in Los Angeles at Family Time Centers ensures to take you out of depression and stress quickly.

Humans may not realize that the same nervous system which controls movement over our physical bodies may have an impact on our minds. Although its strength varies, we cannot ask ourselves to change our temperature, moods, or heartbeat. The nervous system that controls all these actions can only be altered using alternative medicine or prescriptions.

Biofeedback therapy is an exciting alternative popping up throughout Los Angeles; it has made it possible to gain control over these involuntary functions. From conditions like migraine headaches to high blood pressure, chronic pain, and incontinence, biofeedback therapy is the best technique to prevent these conditions.

The role of this therapy is to harness the power of your mind by making it aware of what is actually going inside your body and doing so would help you in gaining control over the health.

Three types of biofeedback therapy:

i)                    EEG biofeedback or Neurofeedback.

ii)                   Thermal biofeedback that measures skin temperature.

iii)                 Electromyography that measures the muscle tension.

EEG biofeedback is the most focused type of biofeedback which is based on the brain wave activity. This biofeedback is used for helping patients having addiction anxiety, depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, seizures, and several other types of the brain conditions.

How does a biofeedback therapy session work?


The neurofeedback specialist attaches the electrodes to the skin of a patient. Finger sensors can be used for connecting the electrodes.


These electrodes send signals to the monitoring box where you can view the measurements like blood pressure, temperature, muscle activity, sweating, or breathing rate, a flash of light, the image of the heart, and sound.

All of these functions keep on changing whenever you are under stress. Every time, your actions are changed, you can view these stress responses on the monitor and receive the feedback whenever you try to stop them.            

Here are some of the different uses of the biofeedback therapy:

i)                    Migraine headaches:

It has been found that the biofeedback technique is one of the best treatments for migraine and headaches. According to a Japanese study done in the year 2015, it has been discovered that biofeedback therapy achieved success in reducing the severity of symptoms in people having migraine headaches.

ii)                   Post-traumatic stress disorder:

A person who has developed a kind of anxiety after any traumatic event can be treated with the help of some types of biofeedback therapy. According to the research by the scientists, it has been explored that the use of EEG biofeedback by the neurofeedback specialists reduced the PTSD disorder in around 17 patients.

iii)                 ADHD:

According to some studies, it has been found the EEG Biofeedback is also effective in treating the patients with ADHD disorder.

iv)                 Raynaud’s disease:

This disease causes some parts of the body to feel numb and cool because of the emotional stress or cold temperatures. To reduce the frequency of symptoms of this disease, the thermal biofeedback technique can turn out to be the best solution.

v)                  Fecal incontinence:

As per the study done by scientists at the University of Lubeck in Germany, when biofeedback therapy gets combined with the electrical stimulation, it helps the patients with fecal incontinence to get recovered.

vi)                 Urinary incontinence:

To treat the urinary incontinence, the biofeedback technique offers pelvic floor muscle training that is useful in helping patients with the urinary incontinence.

If you are in the search of the best therapists for neurofeedback in Los Angeles, then you can get in touch with the highly qualified and well-experienced neurofeedback specialists at Family Time Centers who are aware of each and every type of biofeedback therapy. So, get benefited with biofeedback therapy and get rid of a number of disorders.



No one can say definitively what success means to them, especially since we all have different cognitive behavior. It could mean being rich and powerful, or it could just imply being healthy and happy, and there’s no benchmark as to when a person is truly successful. Children and young adults are set up from an early age to fall in line with the world; in a race to study well and get a job that sustains their future and eventually their entire life.

We can see this ingrained in the child psychology of today’s generations, as they have been in the previous ones. As compared to previous generations, today’s people reportedly find it takes longer to finish their education and choose a career or path for themselves.

Naturally, there’s a lot of time for people to properly explore what they want to do, as modern psychology suggests that there’s a lot of aspects to focus upon to become genuinely successful and accomplished in life.

Here are 4 Important Aspects to become Successful within a Decade:

1)  Travelling:

Travelling is a natural and universal trick that anyone can use to get a quick pick-me-up. Psychologically, during travels to unknown or new areas, a person will pick up new skills, languages, and cultural ideas that can impact them for the better. In other words, get out of your bubble! There are worlds and cultures that we can’t expect ourselves to learn from merely by reading or watching about.  

If you have children, this is also a great way to boost their sense of sense in comparison to the world; it can be a struggle to find our footing and seeing other cultures and cities helps children understand that the world is full of difference and diversity. Child psychology and family counseling are valuable in so much as it opens your understanding of the family; helping bridge the gap between generations.

The study of the mind reveals that interaction with new people in new locales can certainly improve one’s chances of success in other fields. If you do not have the means to explore outside of your city, there is no issue with just stepping outside your neighborhood. Explore a local park, a community center, see a play instead of a movie, try food from an ethnicity that is unlike yours. There are so many incredible options when considering the openness to the definition of “traveling.”

2)  Money-Oriented, Not Money-Minded:

Being able to take responsibilities and risks in one’s life will automatically pave the way for people to earn more, sufficient for their lifestyle and their needs. This cannot be stressed enough and instilled in basic child psychology.

When we observe the psychological effects finance has on people, we noticed one very important thing. Financial stress caused individuals to develop worse symptoms such as lack of sleep, lack of appetite, and anger issues which were in direct relation to how stressed they were about paying bills or loans.

Money is not the one and only goal that one has to achieve in abundance to become successful. Money isn’t a necessary parameter of success, but certainly an aspect of it. We want to promote the idea that, to make money is necessary to live. However, it is not the only way to maintain success in life. There should be a moral and ethical motive behind your drive to make money, rather than a selfish desire.

3) Be Fit Overall:

At FamilyTime Centers, we want to promote the idea of pushing your body to work for you, not against you. A healthy amount of exercise is required daily in order to increase your lifespan, as well An unhealthy body makes for an unhealthy mind. People who are aiming to become successful one day should realize the importance of becoming fit and healthy. They should aim to be fit both physically and mentally.

That means, taking care of one’s body and needs through a routine, balanced diet and exercise while also keeping one’s mental health in check. Getting one’s mental health condition evaluated by someone from the field of psychology is always a useful cause.

What we want to suggest for parents is to encourage your children into group activities, such as weekend fitness camps. These day camps are inexpensive and teach children team building and leadership qualities. They also help your child with psychologically getting through any barriers they have with socializing. It can e a scary time in a child's life when they have to learn to make new friends, but with fitness everyone’s energy and spirits are up!

4) Invest In Yourself and Your Finances:

Investing enough time out of one’s schedule to get to know oneself, what they genuinely like and would want to achieve is quite an important aspect, as revealed from a study of the mind. People need to understand the importance of investing enough time in learning new skills in their life, to save money and watch it grow and other such crucial bits that can be quite useful in the present as well as the future.

Spending time learning to love yourself will promote a healthy lifestyle as an investment. If you are healthy, your work ethic and your work practices become more consistent. This makes you a better investment at the office or home. There is nothing wrong that will come from having a consistent sleeping and eating schedule. And, it’s these simple acts which will lead to a better flow in your daily life.

These 4 essential aspects are quite significant for a person to follow properly and stick to in order to become successful in their life. The changes that one will feel will not be instant, maybe not even in the next few years. But, if someone begins with these steps at a young age, then surely within a decade, they can be better equipped for life and building up to be successful within a decade or so.

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