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Millennials Stressed Out In Los Angeles


Finance as the Reason For Millennial To Be Stressed in Los Angeles

A survey report by American Psychological Association and Harris Interactive says that Millennials are the most stress out human beings in Los Angeles. The main reason for millennials to get stressed is the financial situation. The statistics about stress in millennials in Los Angeles is quite upsetting. A report in which 1200 employees with 401 k (Plans) were surveyed at different workplace across the country found, millennials worry about their finances and this also hinders their productivity at workplace.

An online survey which was conducted under the name of “Stress in America” included 2,020 adults that were 18 plus in age. The report found that most stressed people in Los Angeles were the millennials (19 percent) and people who aged between 34 yrs. to 47 yrs. had less stresses (12 percent only). The best therapists in Los Angeles are worried about the growing stress level in the youth.

Reasons for the Millennials to Stress get stressed in Los Angeles

There are several factors that give stress to millennials such as finances, psychological factor to become independent, broken families, so on and so forth. While going through various reports and surveys based on stress in millennials we elucidated that the main cause of stress in millennials is the finances.

Approx. 72% of millennials in Los Angeles are worried about the cost of living, followed by 63% who are worried about the cost of housing and 61% who are always tensed about saving money. Only 59% of youth were stressed because of relationship. Millennials are finding the cost of education and education to be growing higher which is making it tough to pay back their education debt. The unemployment rate is increasing and high education debt create a high degree of stress in millennials. The stress level in millennials aged between 18 to 33 years is traced to be 5.4 out of 10 which is high from the normal stress level. A stress score level of 3.6 out of 10 is considered to be healthy by the researchers.

How to Manage Stress

Stress is a feeling that generates in our body when any kind of demand or threat is generated. When we feel threatened our nervous system starts generating a kind of stress hormone that includes, cortisol and adrenaline. Little bit of stress is healthy for us to perform well at our workplace. But when it increases, people must seek help from the best therapists. Consulting therapists to cope up with stress and make life healthy is always a wise decision rather than wasting time and worsening health condition day by day.

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