Overcome Depression


If you or a family member can no longer find joy in people, places, and things that once brought the kind of happiness we all desire, you may be able to benefit from the services of a therapist knowledgeable about the causes of and the treatments for depression. At FamilyTime Centers, we'll use our more than 20 years of experience employing empirically validated treatments for mood disorders paired with the newest in technological advances to help you break away from your negative thoughts and feelings.

Overcome Depression


Quality Service


Before you or your family member begins treatment with us, we'll provide an insightful consultation where you'll get the information you need. You will learn how depression is simply a maladaptive expression of our “watch and wait” response, and how people learn to train themselves out of it. Additionally, we offer QEEG neurofeedback, an organic and natural therapy that may help with one overall mental well being, although if you are taking medications we will work with you and your doctor to maximize your treatment outcome.

When you come to FamilyTime Centers to heal, our therapists will customize a plan that accounts for your unique needs and emotions. If you or someone you care about also suffers from anxiety, anger, OCD, ADHD, or another mental condition, we can help. Just call today to speak with a friendly member of our office staff.

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