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Family Time centers are community hubs where parents can get support navigating the joys and challenges of parenting. They can tap into community resources, learn new parenting skills, get individualized family support. We provide a location where challenges can be explored and personal relationships can be strengthened. If you or someone in your family is struggling, we have an expert therapist who can help a parent or a child receive the counseling they need. We provide an inclusive location that is welcoming, handicap accessible, and reflective of the core values of healing your inner self. Our professional therapists, come from all walks of life, so we can help those that were born in the city or those who decided to make Los Angeles their home. We are about making this city a better place to live. We have served our community for many years and put in the hours and time creating therapist lead programs to help create education around what it means to be an active and productive member of our city. Our programs are run by a staff of warm and friendly individuals who care about connecting. With our Social Values intact we partner with you to make our world a healthier place. Respecting individuals and from multiethnic communities and serving as many people as possible. The Centers are welcoming and accessible to families of all ages because in some way or another trauma, anxiety, and depression can be helped. We serve you to make sure that your community is a safer one for you and your family.

With the help of his skilled team at FamilyTime Centers, Dr. Kaufman provides outstanding, personalized behavioral and mental health care treatment for children, adults, and their families in the Valley Village area of Los Angeles and in Inglewood, California.

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Is your family having trouble coping with the challenges facing your child? Is your son struggling with ADHD, Autism or addiction? Is there an issue that generally plagues your daughter, compromising the quality of her life and yours? Do anger issues or depression keep you from being the parent you know you can be?

Is there an issue that generally plagues you or your family, compromising the quality of your life and your families? Do anger issues or depression keep you from being the person you know you can be?

Plenty of children and adults can benefit from BrainPaint® neurofeedback and supportive cognitive behavioral therapy, and in Studio City, in Sherman Oaks, in North Hollywood and in Valley Village, the clinicians to turn to are the trained professionals of FamilyTime Center of Valley Village.



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Beacon Health Strategies - Health Net of CA
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of NationalCapital Area
Blue Cross of California
Magellan Behavioral Health
Peak Pace Solutions
United HealthCare of All States


Dr. Ronald L. Kaufman CA License PSY17178

Los Angeles Neurofeedback | FamilyTime Centers LA

Neurofeedback Los Angeles is a great way to improve mental functioning or high performance. It has been proven as an effective method for relieving anxiety and stress, ADHD management, brain injury rehabilitation, and depression.

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FamilyTime Centers for Neurofeedback & Cognitive Enhancement in Los Angeles, CA is a leading neurofeedback center that provides high-quality treatment to patients with ADHD and other learning disabilities. Call today at 818-533-6659 to learn more

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