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Cognitive-behavioral therapy inglewood ca | FamilyTime Centers

Cognitive-behavioral therapy inglewood ca

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is an evidence-based treatment that focuses on the interconnectedness of thoughts, behaviors, and emotional experiences. The therapist teaches methods to address and reduce unhelpful thoughts and new behaviors outside of therapy sessions that result in preferred emotional outcomes.

Our list of therapists has been vetted for clinical rigor and quality, with an emphasis on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Interested? Look through the counselor's profile to see their video introduction and book a free consultation appointment online or in person.

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What is cognitive behavior therapy?

Dr Kaufman uses this goal-based technique to help you understand how your thoughts feelings and behaviors affect your mental well-being. It is believed that thoughts and perceptions determine behavior. By actively identifying harmful thought patterns you can see when these thought patterns are grounded in nature or not. If not then the team can show you ways to challenge these negative opinions. CBT can tell you how one can control your thoughts and learn a new way of dealing with them. The CBT is firmly established.

CBT is based on the principle that thoughts feelings and actions are interconnected. The cognitive part of CBT deals with our thinking patterns, beliefs and decision-making processes while the behavioral aspect takes care of our actions and responses to our environment i.e. our behavior.

Skill building is an essential part of CBT and can be used at any time in life even when situations are not affected by mental health concerns. This is because skills help us to solve problems confidentially over a longer period of time rather than taking shortcuts that might be high risk or ineffective.

It is believed that the patient's progress in treatment depends upon how effectively they can transfer the skills gained from sessions into everyday situations, home or workplace environments where new challenges arise.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy cbt

CBT therapy with Dr. Kaufman at FamilyTime Centers is a tailored treatment for achieving mutually agreed upon goals centered on mental health. This includes healthy ways to think and functional skills to improve motivation and boost self-esteem. Call today!

How can cognitive-behavioral therapy help me?

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a form of psychotherapy that can help people change their perceptions and new, often healthier ways of thinking. The techniques work by identifying the patterns in your life and brain that cause problems or restrict problem-solving abilities.

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CBT offers highly focused treatment within a short time and benefits many different types of psychological troubles. It is supported with scientific research.

"Cognitive-behavioral therapy helps you change the way you think and feel."

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H work toward more productive thinking patterns and behavior changes using proven methods from research studies.  

During CBT treatment, professionals help clients alter their perceptions of events or circumstances that initially triggered a problem. The key is changing negative thinking patterns into positive ones. One of the most essential principles is "automatic thoughts," which are those feelings or behaviors that occur automatically in response to situations the client can't control. Cognitive-behavioral therapy helps clients learn to change their behaviors by changing their automatic thoughts and self-talk, which is when a person talks to themselves inside their mind.  

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Psychologists work in tandem with the client and their family to identify automatic thoughts so they can be changed into positive ones.

Self-talk is referred to as "cognitive distortions." The key to changing negative self-talk into positive thoughts is through exposure and response prevention therapy, more commonly known as ERP.  

CBT helps people learn how to deal with situations differently than before they received treatment. For example, if a person becomes angry when someone criticizes them, CBT would help clients change that reaction — particularly by becoming aware of it and replacing anger with something else like calm or acceptance. Clients can also learn stress reduction skills from CBT, which helps them overcome problems related to anxiety such as nervousness or fearfulness.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Therapists in Inglewood

Dialectical behavior therapy, or DBT, is a skill-based therapy that values both self-acceptance and change. The therapist encourages the client to be mindful about relationships as well as communication skills while helping them control their emotional response.

Our therapists in Inglewood have experienced DBT therapists. We are also familiar with the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI) and welcome clients from anywhere in California.

If you're looking for an individual or group DBT therapy program, we've got a therapist to suit your needs. You can chat online with our licensed therapist, available 5 days a week. We'll match you up with one of our accredited therapists nearby who specializes in dialectical behavior therapy (DBT).

By using modern technology, it is possible to have high-quality video sessions wherever you live! We provide talk therapy, individualized treatment plans utilizing evidence-based approaches to help you work on anxiety, depression, eating disorders, bipolar disorder or any other problems. You should go to your nearest family time center office to work with one of our psychologists through online therapy to work on your mental health.

Dr Ronald Kaufman Inglewood

Being a mental health provider doing cognitive behavioral therapy, online therapy, working on bipolar disorder, social anxiety, and evidence-based treatment plans in Inglewood California. Dr. Ronald Kaufman is the leading name in Inglewood therapy. The world is changing fast and so does the field of counseling. Dr. Kaufman provides counseling services to a large section of people in Inglewood, California.

It has been years now since I decided to open my practice in Inglewood, California and till this day I have not looked back for a moment at my decision making with regards to leading a completely independent life where I am only answerable to patients who look forward to me as their counselor for all problems related to mental trauma or emotional issues they might be facing in one way or the other.

Mental health in Inglewood ca is important because counseling is important for people living in Inglewood, California.

Since I took up the profession of psychotherapy and started studying it as a science many years ago, counseling has seemed to be a kind of art that can be mastered with practice, unlike medical sciences where the art of healing is all based on fact and hard data.

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What should I expect during DBT?

DBT, which comprises a sequence of lessons, helps you develop an understanding of both accepting and changing parts of yourself. During the lessons, they emphasize different modules including mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, emotional regulation and distress tolerability. With this program running over 12 months maximum; Dr. Kaufman has produced benefits for people who have suffered from addiction like alcoholism or drugs over a long time period all the way through to those with co-morbid conditions from trauma or stress-related mental health disorders. You can return to Dr. Kaufman for follow-up therapy sessions after completing DBT but make an appointment online today to learn more about it first!

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FamilyTime Centers Los Angeles therapists provide psychotherapy for a wide variety of problems including cognitive-behavioral therapy and many other therapies and treatment methods. We also provide therapy services for the entire family and specialize in working with kids, teens and young adults as well as couples and families. Call today to make an appointment! An initial consultation is always free .

FamilyTime Centers Los Angeles provides outpatient therapy, different types of modalities to makes sure that you find the treatment method that fits you best .

FamilyTime Centers Los Angeles provides a complete range of mental health services in Los Angeles, including individual therapy, couples and family therapy, psychological testing and child and adolescent therapy. We provide these high-quality mental health care services to individuals, couples and families who are experiencing many types of emotional distress or personal problems. We understand how difficult it can be when you need help for yourself or your loved one's marriage or family relationships – we have been there ourselves!


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