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How therapy can help you

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Is therapy right for me?

Do you ever feel like you just can't get out of bed in the morning? You're not alone. This post is about how to heal your brain and the benefits that come with it. There are many things that contribute to a healthy, functioning brain including good sleep habits, managing stress levels, socialization, and exercise. In this blog post, we will go through why each one of these contributes to healing your brain and what they mean for you!

Why therapy

There are some stigmas around seeing a therapist because some people are lead to believe that seeking therapy means that you are not coping well or there is something wrong with your brain. The reality of it, though, is therapy can be a huge help in regaining control over how you process and help you become more proactive than reactive to the world around us. Therapy helps us so we don't have such extreme reactions to things like calling out from work because our boss was rude one day. Therapy is important cause it allows us to talk about our feelings and thoughts with someone else.

I'll tell you now, some people will say that they can do this themselves or don't have time but the point of therapy is not only talking it out which we know most of us are capable of doing. Therapy provides a safe space for exploration and mediation as well. Talking through your problems with a professional can help to provide closure and forgiveness. Giving you more peace of mind.

What type of therapy should I do

The best part is, there are so many different types of therapy out there for you! So please don't be afraid to ask about what might work best for you if mental health is one of your priorities currently. Our therapist at Family Time Centers uses many methods of therapy to help people heal and grow into happier, healthier people.

We have a variety of therapists that use different methods such as neurofeedback therapy, cognitive-behavioral treatments, mindfulness approaches, and talk therapy. All with the goal to get you feeling better!


Michael Kaufman Michael Kaufman is the Executive Director at Family Time Centers. He’s been working to create the best patient experience for over two years. Michael enjoys snowboarding, hiking, skydiving, and weightlifting. He loves dance music and traveling to foreign countries. Michael has a deep interest in psychology and personal development. He is in the process of writing one about attachments styles. As a result, he is fascinated with how people form relationships and the impact that has on their lives.

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