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Danny A.

I am usually not one to write reviews, but my experience with neurofeedback at FamilyTime Center was so positive and life-changing that I felt compelled to share it with others in the hopes that they may also benefit from this type of therapy. Neurofeedback has helped me develop a greater sense of presence and mindfulness, and the benefits far surpass anything I expected to achieve when I began my sessions. I have a noticeably higher level of focus and energy in both my personal and professional life, which has brought a sense of balance that I don’t think I’ve ever experienced previously. I am so grateful to Dr. Ron Kaufman and his staff for all of their assistance, they were absolutely amazing during each of my sessions at FamilyTime. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to balance their psyche effectively without the use of medication.



Jonny K.

To put it plainly, BrainPaint changed my life. I was diagnosed with ADHD at 5 years old, and had taken some sort of medication for it most of my life. On top of a diagnoses of major depression, I found that I spent more time on medication and less time feeling like myself. I’d be burnt out at the end of the day, and couldn’t find a way to get comfortable at night, stuck in a perpetual cycle of medication. This went on for years as doctors couldn’t find the “winning combination” of medication to give me. BrainPaint changed all of that. After a few sessions, I felt 10 times better. I was more focused, I was more creative & my memory became strong and more vivid. My highs and lows were evened out, but I still felt like myself. It’s been a year since I finished my course of treatment, and I haven’t felt better. I would highly recommend FamilyTime centers to anyone that’s looking to break free from the shackles of daily medicating and help rediscover who they are without being drugged up.



James M.

They say war is hell, but just because you get back doesn’t mean that its all over and done with. Even with the help of some really good psychiatrists I still relieved traumatic events three or more times week for the past 35 years. Thanks to neurofeedback with Dr. Kaufman my psychiatrist cut my medications in half, then cut it in half again. Instead of flashbacks three times a week, I only have flashbacks a couple times a month. For the last six months I have done a booster session once every month or so, (two in a month when things in the real world go sideways) and its made a big difference. I still don’t know how it works, all I know for sure is it works for me.



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