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Ronald Kaufman, PsyD, has more than 20 years of experience in clinical psychotherapy. He specializes in cognitive-behavioral based therapies and biofeedback training. 

With the help of his skilled team at FamilyTime Centers, Dr. Kaufman provides outstanding, personalized behavioral and mental health care for children, adults, and their families in the Valley Village area of Los Angeles and in Inglewood, California.

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety, and bipolar disorder are just some of the conditions Dr. Kaufman and his team treat. 

An early adopter of biofeedback training, Dr. Kaufman seamlessly integrates BrainPaint┬« neurofeedback with psychotherapeutic techniques, providing a comprehensive and effective treatment protocol. 

His customized, innovative treatment plans have helped patients of all ages regain control over their lives, minimize symptoms, and improve quality of life. Known for his compassionate approach, Dr. Kaufman strives to provide lasting solutions and support systems for individuals and their families.

After earning his Master of Science from Nova Northeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Dr. Kaufman completed his doctoral studies at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. 

Dr. Kaufman has worked in leadership positions with a variety of mental health organizations, serving as clinical director of the forensic specialty unit at Sylmar Health and Rehabilitation Center in Sylmar, California, and CEO of Pfusion Psychological Services Inc. in Beverly Hills, among others.  

The overarching mission of FamilyTime Centers is to help children and their families come together today, tomorrow, and for the rest of their lives. Dr. Kaufman and his team dedicate their expertise to this mission every day by providing the highest-quality services to each patient at every appointment. 

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Is your family having trouble coping with the challenges facing your child? Is your son struggling with ADHD, Autism or addiction? Is there an issue that generally plagues your daughter, compromising the quality of her life and yours? Do anger issues or depression keep you from being the parent you know you can be?

Plenty of children and adults can benefit from BrainPaint® neurofeedback and supportive cognitive behavioral therapy, and in Studio City, in Sherman Oaks, in North Hollywood and in Valley Village, the clinicians to turn to are the trained professionals of FamilyTime Center of Valley Village.


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Blue Cross and Blue Shield of NationalCapital Area
Blue Cross of California
Magellan Behavioral Health
Peak Pace Solutions
United HealthCare of All States


Dr. Ronald L. Kaufman CA License PSY17178

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There are some stigmas around therapy. Some people think that if you see a therapist, then you don't cope with things well or it is because there is something wrong with you. But therapy can help people to heal their mind and have a better life.

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